RF Modules Tx & Rx 315 MHz

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TX Technical Details:

  • Working voltage: 3V?12V
  • Resonance mode: sound wave resonance (SAW)
  • Modulation mode: ASK /OOK
  • Transmission power: 25mW (315MHz at 12V)
  • Frequency error: +150kHz (max)
  • Self-owned codes: negative

RX Technical Details:

  • Working voltage: 5.0VDC +0.5V
  • Working principle: single chip super regeneration receiving
  • Working method: OOK/ASK
  • Bandwidth: 2MHz (315MHz, having result from testing at lowing the sensitivity 3dBm)
  • Sensitivity: excel –100dBm (50Ω)


Attributes TX RX
Brand Name Shrijitechnoaspire private ltd Shrijitechnoaspire private ltd
Color Green Green
Modulation Mode ASK/OOK OOK/ASK
Compatible to All Microcontrollers All Microcontrollers
weight 40gm 40gm
Working Voltage 3V – 12V DC 5V DC +0.5V
Working Current 9mA – 40mA less than or equal to 5.5mA
Working Frequency 315MHz – 433.92MHz 315MHz – 433.92MH
Transmitting velocity Less than or equal to 10kbps Less than 9.6Kbps


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