LM393 Sound detection sensor

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LM393 Sound Detection Sensor Module

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  • The sensor provides a digital output when the measured sound increases beyond a set threshold.
  • The sensor outputs a logic one(+5V) at the digital output when it detects sound and a logic zero(0V), when there is no sound detected.
  • An onboard LED is used to indicate the output status.
  • Reading can be taken by connecting output to arduino, Raspberry Pi ,or any Other micro-controller
  • The onboard potentiometer can be used to set the sound threshold.
  • Effective signal output for low level
  • Default output is low and is high only when sound is detected


Brand Name Shrijitechnoaspire private ltd
Color Yellow
Compatible to All Microcontrollers
weight 40gm
Input Voltage 5V DC
Main chip LM393
Working voltage DC 4V ~ 6V
Weight 9 g
Dimensions 50 x 20 x 10 mm


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